water leakages

Water leakage repair

how we can help you with water leakage ?

We provide spot and major repair on waterproofing and structural failure causing water leakage problems; area such as pipe surrounding, window frame surrounding, wall and ceiling. These structural failures can be rectified by pressure grouting, caulking, sealant/ glazing and coating.

The cause of water leakage can varies from roof to ceiling, external wall to internal wall or even inter-floor. These leakages can be easily identified by water/ damp mark stain on ceiling or wall. Identify and rectify them at their early stage which will helps in preventing it further spread and further damage your buildings or properties.

Due to fact that, all materials has a lifespan and it will definitely wear and tear when the years goes. Whenever the material reaches it capacity, it will start to fail. In such case, water leakage mainly surface when waterproofing layer and structural failure.

  • Ceiling Leak
  • Water Pipe Leak
  • Roof Leak
  • Bathroom Leak
  • Aircon Leak
  • Stalactites
  • Wet stains
  • Paint peeling
  • Moulds and Algae
  • Odour
  • Water-loving bugs

roof leakages

Roof leakages are mostly discovered only when it rains. There are 2 general types of roofs, pitched-roofs and flat concrete roofs. Most HDBs and condos are flat concrete roofs. As for landed homes, they can have pitched roof or concrete flat room depending on the owner’s preference. Depending on what kind of roof leakage it is, there are different treatment available to resolve it.

water pipe leakages

Pipes can cause leakage if it has been around for quite some time. Due to wear and tear, most items will begin to breakdown. Pipes in particular, may rust and eventually give in to the water pressure and burst, leading to a leakage. If you have your pipes concealed within the walls, it may take some time before the leak is discovered. However, if the leakage is severe, the discovery will take no time at all.

bathroom leakages

Bathroom leakage can be from the level above the ceiling or from your own toilet leaking to the side of the wall. Usually, when a bathroom leakage happens from the level above, the ceiling’s waterproofing integrity may be compromised. You will need a waterproofing specialist’s opinion in order to confirm the case. However, there are also signs such as stalactites and wet stains where you can notice a leak is going on.

Ceiling Leakages

A ceiling leakage can occur when the source is located above the ceiling. It may be from the roof or even from the unit above. If there’s another unit above your unit, the leakage may be due to the unit above’s toilet, kitchen or even pipes. If you live in a penthouse unit or a mansionette, usually the responsibility to resolve this issue will fall on you. However, if the ceiling leakage is from the roof, depending on whether it is a HDB ceiling leakage or a condo ceiling leakage, the responsibility to resolve this issue will lie with the town council or the condo management respectively.

aircon leakages

There are several causes behind an aircon leakage, especially when it is not regularly cleaned. Some of the most common factors resulting in this problem are incorrect installation, condensation of air around the aircon, and blockage of floor traps and pipes.No matter what kind of leakage it is, it will definitely need to be resolved. There are various ways and methods to detect the leakages as well as to resolve them. Take a look at some of our case files and see how water leakages can be detected and resolved.

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