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Roofing & roof repairs

We offer a full range of re-roofing solutions for all types of roof for both residential and commercial buildings.We ensure that you get the right result with the minimum of disruption during what we understand can be a major project for any owner.

  • Re-Roofing
  • Roof ridge pointing repair
  • Roof gutter/Drainage repair
  • Roofing valley gutter repair
  • Roofing flashing repair
  • Roofing capping repair

Rc Roofing

RC roof is getting more and more popular these days as it is a cheaper, durable and strong. One good point of having RC roof is that it is very resistant to different climates and will not get over heated over the summer, therefore protecting the house from damage and also even in winter time. It does not gather as much snow as the other roofs does. Hence, there isn’t a need to clean as much as the other.RC roof includes flat roofs, slating, lead works and re-roofing. There are many  advantages of RC Roof, however, it depends on whether your property is suitable for RC Roof.

roof tile coating

Have you seen for yourself those newly done up their roof and those that have been there for months or even years without doing anything about it? If you see it, you will notice the difference. Those dirt are caused by climate change and pollution. In order to protect your roofs, be it office or house, the best way is roof tile coating which most people are not aware of. Around the world, we face with different climate weathers like heavy rainfall, heat strokes and heavy snowfall which can caused a lot of damage to the roof tops.A roof over your head is what you need, so why not protect it before it is affected badly by the climate. A roof tile coating may save you from a crack tile that you need workers to replace it. Roof tile can be dampness also if the water drainage system in place is not optimum. Therefore, don’t wait for it to happen then you look for a solution. Prevention is better than a cure.

What Is Roofing & Roof Repairs ?

An envelope of the building, protects from harsh weather. The roof structures and characters varies with the purpose of the building. As per the climatic conditions intha habitat, material for roof structure and roof covering are the elements of shape of roof. Techniques on roofing and repair flows like chain reaction, as if the roofing is done and maintained. Building escapes from climatic changes and restore its health and structure. 

Types Of Roofing & Roof Repairs offered

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We do more than a renovation service- we check for glitches that need attention to keep you safe and save your money. We offer our services at a price you can afford without compromising the high quality of our work.

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Analyse & Work

We manage time and conserve customers time and money along with ours with perfect analysation on roofing and work towards it. Our services are totally a premium quality that is reliable, durable and robust with fine finishing works.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

The secret of success is lies behind the words of the customer. Understanding the significance of customer’s satisfaction, we work towards it on full swing.

How rio island services Are Different From Others ?

Easy Installation

An effortless installment of roofing with varied services are possible. We enable of proper roofing system/ replacements, depends upon specification and inspection.


A peace of mind for the building owner on installing a robustive, multi-layered roofing system enforces security of the building.

Nature Friendly

Our strong roofing envelopes the building and protects the structure from harsh weather and unpredictable, frequent climatic changes in an eco-friendly way.

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